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Mini North America Tracker

Starting at: $15


A fun, easy, and mini way to track your adventures around North America! Featuring decals for all states, provinces, and federal entities.
Multiple Colors Available
Multiple Options Available


“Where have you traveled?” It’s a fun conversation starter for any adventurer. Now you have the option to track your travels across the USA, Canada, and Mexico! You can choose to purchase a one piece North America Adventure Tracker featuring all three countries or purchase each country individually.

The ONE PIECE North America Tracker is 13.1” wide and 13.2” tall. Featuring decals for all states, provinces, territories, federal entities and the Great Lakes! Also featuring a key for each country to determine proper decal placement.

The US decal map mainland is approximately 8” wide and 5” tall. Featuring decals for all states. Individual US map includes stand alone Alaska while the North America Map has Alaska in its proper location and to scale.

The Canada decal map is 13” wide and 7.6” tall. Featuring decals for all Provinces and Territories. Individual Canada map includes Alaska, but can be removed if requested.

The Mexico decal map is 5.2” wide and 3.8” tall. Featuring decals for all states and the federal entity of Mexico City.

  • Bright Design colors are black outline, light red, yellow, dark green, and gentian blue insert colors. Perfect for standing out.

  • Neutral Design colors are black outline, brown, light brown, beige, and nut brown county colors. Great for subtle fun.

  • Custom Design colors are just that, CUSTOM! If you’re looking for a more unique design, contact me or leave a note when ordering with the outline color and 4 county decal colors you’d like. All available colors are provided in the last picture above, you may need to click on the picture to make it full screen in order to see all options. If you’d like all counties to be the same color, just add a note.

I use Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl for all decals and with care, can last for years to come. It needs to go on a flat, clean, smooth surface. Keep them away from buffers! Please review included instructions for information on applying vinyl. Pictures are for highlighting application examples only and not for sizing purposes.